Windows compatibility in the future of eMClient

I just discovered eMClient and I’m super impressed of the features; all (and more) what I wish from an email client!  
My only question is: For certain reasons I have to stay on Windows 7 for the next time; will eMClient be compatible with WIN 7 in the future, even when the Microsoft support ends soon?
If this is the case, I will be a happy Pro user immediately!

If you are a business user, Microsoft will continue to support Windows 7 till at least 2023, so end of support in this instance means end of support to Home users. But that is simply end of support from Microsoft as there are other companies that will continue to provide updates and security patches for everyone else, for a fee.

I think that as long as that continues, there is no danger in eM Client Inc. dropping activation on Windows 7 as it did with Windows XP. That happened because of the OS’s outdated security protocols, but also only happened 3 years after Microsoft officially stopped support.

So there is no rush as eM Client will still connect on 14 January. You will have some time to upgrade your OS, and yes, you should upgrade. I don’t think there are any valid reasons to remain on Windows 7, unless you want to be specific. 

Hi Gary,
thanks for the answer; sounds very good! Indeed, my current mail client does not update any more because of the OS. (I use some older technical applications that force me to stay with Win 7 at the moment). But if I can stay with eMClient for the next 2,3 years on Win 7 this is great!

Right off-topic, but anyway . . .

There is quite an amazing feature in Windows 10 called compatibility mode. It allows you to run any application that runs on Windows 95 thru to Windows 8. But if they are 16-bit applications, they will not run on the 64-bit version of Windows 10. For that you will need to install the 32-bit version of Windows 10.