Windows 8 live tile support

Hi, would be good if calendar and mails can get to windows 8 desktop with live tiles? would that be impossible? thanks a lot!

Do you want to show the calendar and mails separately?

yes, new mails live tile with showing how many new email?
and calendar live tile that show today with number and day name…
and maybe coming appointment?
that would very great because EmClient is so nice now. thanks.

It would be even better to have a live tile for contacts nicely changing the pictures.
Also a tile for chat showing the recent message.
And a tile for tasks, showing the upcoming tasks.

For mail it would be nice to have conversation view - like in the original Windows 8 app.

Microsoft has arrogantly cut off Gmail and Google apps from People and Calendar apps, so it would be a great future business for eM to offer a replacement app for the huge Gmail/ Google Apps user community,

There are some accounts which I cannot use with windows mail, but can use with your program. If you had a similar live tile to the windows mail app I would happily uninstall windows mail and have eMclient pride of place on my metro start screen.

I was wondering how live tile support is progressing. I wouldn’t mind if the live tile would forward me to the desktop application, but having an indicator for new emails and upcoming events would be of great help!


Unfortunately this is not our priority at the moment, but I will keep it under idea under consideration.


I do.

Hi, this is currently not possible, as my colleague mentioned below, it’s currently not planned, but we’re still considering the feature for future releases.

Thank you for understanding,