Windows 11 compatible?

I am using latest version 8.2.1659 emClient on Windows 10. Is it ok to update to Windows 11? I read conflicting reports about emClient compatibility. Thanks.

Terça-feira, 23 de novembro de 2021 :: 0751 (UTC -01: 00)

Hi @Craig10

Personally I have no problems with a clean install of Widows 11 & eMC that I run on a test computer.
However, there are mixed reports on this Forum.
You have to make your own choice, however, if you do decide to upgrade to Windows 11 be certain to make a Backup of eMC (Menu ->Backup) and keep it somewhere safe, NOT on the computer you are upgrading.
Also make certain you are running the latest version of eMC from:

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As far as I know, eM Client isn’t fully compatible with Windows 11 as the operating system is relatively new. Compatibility with various software programs is still being determined.

eM Client is fully compatible with Windows 11.

If there are any reasons you think it is not compatible, you can list them here, and we can certainly look at them.

Bear in mind that this topic is quite old, and the current version of eM Client is 9.2.1222, not 8.2.1659 as the OP was using then. However, eM Client 8.2 does run just fine on Windows 11.

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Here it is: eM Client is fully compatible with Windows 11. :wink:

Yes, that is good advice. Use Menu > backup before you upgrade to create a backup snapshot of the database. Keep the backup zip file safe. After the upgrade, if Windows has not brought your %appdata% across, you can install eM Client and then use Menu > File > restore to put the database back in place.

miércoles 22 febrero 2023 :: 0731hrs (UTC +0100)

Hey @LiamDonovan

I run Win 11 Pro on two laptops both with eMC v9.2.1577

1./ A new laptop supplied with Win 11 Home upgraded to Pro - NO problems
2./ An upgrade on a laptop from Win 10 Pro Workstation - problems cured with a clean Win 11 install
Both are very high specification, however, I do not know if this matters but it will not be adverse.
Now both run without any issue since November 2022
Conclusion - for me a clean install!
So I guess potential users need to make their own decision; “Do I or don;t I?”


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Hello fellow Craig. I’ve been using Win 11 with emClient for over a year having moved from Win 10 and haven’t noticed any Win 11 specific issues. As always a clean install is probably a good idea if you can. Good luck!