Windows 10 notification centre

I’m using eM Client on Windows 10 and it’s working perfectly. But there’s one thing: I would love to see em Client’s mail notifications inside the Windows 10 notification centre. Will this be integrated?

Hello Willem, we’re working on a new version right now which should include support for the notification centre, however it may be included in a future update.


Thanks, that’s really great!

Hey, I’ve just installed version 7 of eM Client. I’m really satisfied with this piece of software, but I noticed the integration with the Windows 10 Notification Center is still missing? Are you still planning on adding that some time in the future? That’d be some really nifty function and it’d make the integration with Windows 10 even better than it currently is - it already is pretty good tbh.


Any update?

Until now I used Microsoft mail app but I’m not satisfied. Now I found the eM Client which is a really cool mail client. But I’m also missing integration with the Windows 10 Notification Center. For me that’s a key feature otherwise I have always to start the email client to keep informed if I missed a mail!
It’s little trustworthy to read 2 YEARS AGO we will do it and it’s still not here.
Please just do it it is worthful.

Yes, many are requesting this. See also the discussion at

Thanks Gary
It’s difficult to understand why it’s still not here: It seems a big customer request, as software developer I know it’s not a big deal to implement - where is the problem?

People have been asking for this for at least three years (as far I can crawl back into the forums) and now it’s “being taken under consideration”? Smells like BS to me. Is there any reason why such a basic functionality is not implemented? Is there a fee to pay to Microsoft to have access to the notification center? Many apps do. Such a shame yours still doesn’t.

I think we will have to wait for version 8 to see if it was given any serious consideration.