Window to view the mail is off the bottom of the screen

Every since the last update, whenever I open an email, the bottom of the email is off the bottom of the screen. If I move up the email window, it will be okay while I use the down arrow to go to the next email, but the next time I open a new email, the bottom of the email is below the bottom of the screen. FYI, I position my task bar at the top of the screen to minimize the amount of mouse movement. If the task bar is positioned correctly at the bottom of the screen (the default position), email windows are displayed correctly.

martes 13 octubre 2020 :: 2055hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @Art_Ringwald

Is this a question or a statement?

If a question I think you answered it yourself.
If a statement others will note what you say.

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It’s a bug report. There’s a work around, but the programmers should look at the API to get the position of the bottom of the usable area (which is adjusted for the title bar being on the top), and not start from y=0. It a bug new to version 8.0.2951.

@Art_Ringwald Try the latest release version of EM Client V8.0.3385.0 Windows or V8.0.3494.0 Mac.

EM Client Release History

Thanks! Version V8.0.3385.0 does seem to have fixed the problem. Oddly enough, when I used the menu option to check for an update, V8.0.2951 said none was available.

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@Art_Ringwald Great that’s fixed.

EMClient (check for updates) via that menu built-in unfortunately rarely ever connects to the latest version build and you have to usually manually check on the release page. This has been the case in all versions of EMClient.

I think the reason maybe that the company eg: doesn’t want to automatically force latest builds to peeps incase there might suddenly become an issue. That’s my theory.

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jueves 15 octubre 2020 :: 0821hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @cyberdork

Yes, I agree with you about updates. We have advised a number of client company sysadmins to block access to update servers on individual machines, particularly if mission critical; there have been a number incidents where those who have accidentally clicked the wrong button have suffered a bowel-loosening sensation!

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