Window positioning of email messages not being saved in version 9

I use two monitors - my em Client window is open permanently on the right, but I use the left monitor for composing emails. Previously the window position was remembered, so whenever I clicked ‘New’ a window would open on my left-hand monitor. Now (v9) the window always opens on top of the main em Client window on the right-hand screen.

It’s not a major thing, but an annoyance! Is there a setting to control this? I can’t find one but not entirely sure what to search for or where to look in the settings.

If you drag the new message window to the left monitor and then close the new message window, does that fix it when you reopen it again ?.

Yes the next time I either open an existing email, or create a new one, the email window goes back onto the right-hand monitor.

What happens then if you then drag the actual program into the left window and open a new or existing message, does the new or existing message window still sit ontop of the program or go to the right monitor?

If the new or existing window does goes to the right monitor, and eM Client stays on the left, then try reversing your monitors in the OS display setup.

Same thing happens but in reverse - it’s simply not remembering the position of the window.

Ok unfortunately the V9 Beta testing has finished for sending in issues or feedback. However if you are an eM Client Pro user you can lodge a support ticket via the following page for VIP help - Support | Remote Assistance | License Manager | eM Client

Otherwise hopefully some other eM Client users on this free forum might have some other ideas how to fix this.

I know normally if you move the compose window to your second monitor and then close the window and program, eM Client will remember that the next time you open it, but for some reason yours is not.

I know if you have Windows 11 there is an option in Multiple Displays where you can tick to “Remember window locations based on monitor connection” that might fix if you have Windows 11.

Btw: Do you have Windows or Mac OS and what version.