Window Keeps Popping Up

Every time I want to click onto a link from an email, this window keeps popping up. I have set a default browser in windows but this keeps happening…  

Hello Robert,

eM Client doesn’t open links so this is not an eM Client issue. You could check if your preference is set as default in Control Panel -> Programs -> Default Programs -> Set your default programs? Windows’ Default Apps is sometimes not completely reliable.


Thanks Maurice,
Yes, I have set my default browser in Windows…but this stupid pop-up just keeps popping up…I never had this issue with eM Client until their last update…I guess I have to live with it…
Thanks Again

Hello Robert,

This really isn’t an eM Client issue, it’s a Microsoft bug. You can try to solve it by looking e.g. here or here.

Good luck,

Thanks again…I tried downloading this program to fix the issue…unfortunately, it would not download…window popped up saying I didn’t have the right program for this program to work…but what I have learned is a lot of people have this same problem…thanks again for trying