Win7. Emclient ghosting on desktop

Win7. Minimize emclient and you get a very thin line on the desktop showing the subject of the email you last looked at.
Exiting emclient makes line disappear…
Very strange indeed.
Refreshing the screen does not make the line go away.

I’m running Win7, I am not seeing this. I’d try to update your video card drivers.

How do you have it minimize?
To the system tray or just the default action to the task bar?

Default action to the task bar
If it was the video driver it wouldn’t disappear when I close emclient.

That is how mine is setup as well. It was just a suggestion. As its been my experience that video relics is usually resolved with an driver update.

Are you running the latest version of eM Client?

It is very strange, if updating of the video drivers will not help you let us know please - we will try to investigate the issue in more detailed way.

I too have the same ghosting when I stop dragging an email or a word in an email. Just the slightest hesitation when dragging will cause the ghost to appear exactly where I hesitated.

Exiting eM Client makes it disappear.
Refreshing the screen does not make it go away.

Hi, do you have latest IE? What Windows version do you use?


Hi All
I have the same problem and when exiting eM the ghost goes away.
Please find screengrab attached.
System Windows 8.1
Triple monitor and radeon graphics card

Hi Robert, thank you for reporting this, this is unfortunately a known issue to us, however is being caused by an Internet Explorer issue, eM Client is built on the .NET framework and is using some of the system components that may in some cases cause issues while using our application as well.

We’re currently working on an upcoming release of eM Client, which will significantly lower our dependency on some of these system components helping us resolve a similar kind of issues.


Thank you Paul