Win10 resize handle / border is very narrow


I’m new to eM and would like to toss out an observation.

I have (somewhat) unsteady hands. Using the mouse to grab the edge of a dialog to resize it can be a challenge, especially with a high DPI monitor.

This was a major complaint of the previous email client I was using. At least eM seems to remember dialog sizes far better than so it is less of a problem but resizing is still a bit tedious.

Windows 10 and the thin borders are part of the problem but was wondering if something else could be done programmatically that would make the resize handles larger and easier to grab.


You can thicken the scroll bars in Windows:
Start > Settings > Ease of access, switch off “Automatically hide scroll bars in Windows”

And you can thicken the scroll bars in eM Client but it is tricky:

  • Open eM Client Settings > Appearance > Themes
  • Select the theme you want to use (if not already selected)
  • Click Advanced > “Save current theme as”. Save it wherever you like, give it a name like if it is the Arctic theme, name it Arctic CQ
  • Open the file ArcticCQ.emtheme that you saved in Notepad
  • Locate the section
  • Carefully change the “Use system scrollbars with no automatic hiding” to True
  • In eM Client go to Settings > Appearance > Themes and click Import. Locate the file you modified and it will import. Select that new theme.
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Thank you for your reply.

Okay, I made your change as it as easily (I was making the text black instead of gray) but that does not seem to affect the border itself and the area used for resizing.

The following image is a COMPOSITE of three screen captures of the same area and enlarged 8 times. It shows the cursor three times:

  1. As a pointer just to left of the border line
  2. As a resize handle on the border line
  3. As a pointer just to the right of the border line

Cursor edge

For perspective, this is close to the lower-right corner of the main dialog.

My issue is that one must be pixel-perfect in cursor positioning to resize the dialog, something that is not easy for me to do. Am I “able” to do it? Technically, yes, but with difficulty and the danger of adding new words to my vocabulary.

My hopes is that there is a way to make the resize area larger.


This isn’t a Windows forum, but…

Two options:

  1. You can try resizing the Windows using the keyboard
    Resize a window using keyboard shortcuts
    Open the Window you want to resize
    Press Alt+Space to open the right click menu.
    If the window is maximized, type “r” or arrow down to “Restore” and press Enter
    Press Alt+Space bar again to open the window menu.
    Type “s” or Arrow down to Size.
    Press the up or down arrow key to resize the window vertically.
    Press the left or right arrow key to resize horizontally.
    Press the same arrow key or the opposite arrow key to resize the window.

  2. Use the Windows Magnifier at about 200% Start > Settings > Ease of Access > Magnifier

Yes, I understand that this is not Windows forum, but it is a characteristic of this software, and a few others. (MailBird is this way and it drove me even crazier because every window opened up tiny in the same place and had to be resized.)

For example, I am using Firefox right now and can resize it without issues. The area for resizing is considerably larger.

Also please consider that I am using a 4k monitor. Thankfully, my vision is not the problem.

This was just an observation for the product development team because I am strongly considering moving from MailBird (too many limitations) to somewhere, and this looks like a good candidate.

On my computer with the screen size 1920 x 1080 @ 125%, the resize handles on eMClient are the same as any other app, including Firefox. Is your graphics card OK with that monitor? Maybe play with your graphics settings and see if you can improve it.

I am using a 3rd party video card so that I can drive the monitors at 60 Hz. Seems to be good. I can do pixel-level work, which is one requirement I have. Heck, I even have my own bitmap programming “fonts” so that I don’t have to see any anti-aliasing, be it ClearType or standard.

(For reference, it is a GeForce GTX 1650 based card, and I’m sure those who play games will say it is terrible, but I do not play games save a round of Lexulous with a friend.)

It’s just that there are few program, like MailBird and eM Client, that are hard to resize with their one-pixel borders. I can deal and have dealt with it, but I find it interesting that my own software doesn’t have this “issue.” Maybe one day I’ll look at the window and see if I can find something of use.

I have found one trick. To resize the main dialog, the area to the right of the “Contact Details” has a larger grab area then the email list below.

In the end, this isn’t a deal breaker. A good reliable program is top priority and my experience with eM is only a day old. I like the look and feel, like the Themes (was able to adjust the text to blank on white instead of gray on white) and hope they’ll add Reply-To (very important to me). There are a few tweaks that I’ll point out later on. I need to test whether program shuts down correctly on a reboot and would like to run the program “portable” so that I can have one business instance completely separate from a personal instance. Right now my biggest concern before plopping down $120 are those posts saying bad things about the company’s customer support.

Thanks for your thoughts on this.