Win 10 Store version of eM Client

From another post suggesting that the lack of ‘licence’ under the help menu, do I assume that the version of emclient that can be installed from the Windows Store is a beta?

I’d like to use it as a temporary fix until the issue with the current version (8.2.1327) with a kopano mail server (IMAP accesses don’t complete) is fixed. (8.1 releases work). Problem is that there’s no option to licence it to use more that 2 accounts. I can’t install another earlier full install version as it would muck up the 8.2 installation, and I’d like to leave that in place until the next version appears (hopefully with the fix in). At least the Store version is completely sandboxed.

You can buy additional licenses. I would suggest to email [email protected]

You obviously didn’t read the post.

What is the point of an additional licence if there’s no way to put it in?

Yes I did read the post. When you get the additional licence from EMC Sales, you can then put that additional license on the second eM Client installation via “Menu / Help / License / Activate”.

You can also download all versions from and enter the license that same way as well.

Note:- If you have problems with the Win store installation versions, uninstall your current version and download the latest version from the ver history page and install & enter your license. If you still have issues email [email protected] .

No you didn’t. As I said, the license menu option isn’t there in the windows store version. And I’ve already got the latest 8.2 version, but there’s a problem with it, so I need a workaround until a fix is released. They are working on the fix but don’t have a release date yet.

This is pointless.

The MS Store version is the same as the regular Free version, so restricted to 2 email accounts.

If you want to use a MS Store version without the restriction, you will need to purchase a subscription in MS Store. Once you have, the account number restriction will be removed for as long as you continue to pay the monthly fee to Microsoft.


Perfect as usually, Gary :slight_smile: Is this information also available anywhere on official Em Client website? Becasue I think it defintely should be…