Will you be having a sale or discount for eM Client soon?

Will you be having a sale or discount for eM Client soon?

I’d like to purchase eM Client, however $49 is a little expensive.
It’s a great product though!



contact me on neumann@emclient.com and we can figure out some discount for you.

Errr, this is somewhat nice, but unprofessional… Be sure look forward from me, as I’m also going to contact you for some discount.

looking also

50$ is a bit too much for me too. For the Office Suite, you offer student discounts - is anything like that planned for the em client too? Especially because the student discount is only for the Office Suite Standard which does not include eM Client.

I’m currently using Thunderbird but love the integration of all kinds of sync protocols and the robust integration of the calendar, contacts and tasks.

Office is made by Microsoft, which is not affiliate with E&S Software that makes eM Client in any ways. And Microsoft made ‘Outlook’ not bundle in the Home and Student edition of Office for a reason.

As for the discount, this is available at the moment: http://www.emclient.com/upgrade-to-pro

Microsoft is not the only producer of office suits (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of…). SoftMaker offers an office suite which, in its pro-version, has eM Client in it: http://softmaker.com/

Thanks for the info about the discount!

Be specific next time. Either way, both office suite don’t have a student license on their PIM solution.

Microsoft Office does, not in their “official” Home & Student version but in their programs partnered with universities etc.

And don’t tell me to be more specific before you inform youself.

I don’t see the point to be specific about regional/place exclusive product. It like saying to people, cheap streaming TV are available on the net! Meanwhile they using Netflix or something. Or Google now support landline voice calls like SkypeOUT!