Will V9 Pro users get a discount for V10?

if they didn’t buy the lifetime package?
Also, once v10 comes out will v9 get no more updates? or will it still get updated?


martes 23 abril 2024 :: 0856hrs (UTC +0100)

Personally I do not believe that a discount should be offered as it would devalue the option for those who paid for lifetime upgrades particularly as this option is still available with the added bonus of 1 year VIP support. Of course this only my opinion not a definitive.
I consider it is unlikely that upgrades will continue for v9.* with the release of the full v10.*.
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If you don’t have a lifetime upgrades license, then you can only use your license with the version it is valid for. If there are any more updates for the version your license is for then you will get them, but to use the license with version 10, you will need to purchase a license upgrade.

how much is license upgrade?

It depends on the type of license you have, and the type of upgrade you choose.

Once version 10 is officially released, go to this page and choose the type of upgrade you want from those listed near the end of the page.