will not update to version 6.0.19831.0.

eM Client sent an email to my computer and my wife;s computer that Version 6 was out. On my wife’s computer I opened eM Client, checked for updates and found an update. I ran the update and her eM Client was updated to version 6.0.19831.0. On my computer I checked for updates and it tells me I have the latest update. The version on my computer is 6.0.19714.0 not 6.0.19831.0.

Hi, we do not release updates to all users at once, it is always being released to some part of our user’s database and then to next part and like this until we release it to all users.

This help prevents connection failures and problems with server overload.


Can we download the full installer for build 6.0.19831.0. anywhere?

It has not been released to all users at once, we will release newer version instead. Pushing to user groups should start today if everything will go okay.