Will not sync with Cricket Wireless hotspot

EM client gets an error when attempting to connect and download new email if using a wifi connection via Cricket hotspot. Outlook, and all web activity seems to otherwise be normal.

emclient version 8.2.1473
Thank you!

It may have to do with the settings you are using. Go to Menu > Accounts and click on the IMAP tab. What is the port and security policy you are using?

It may also have to do with the anti-virus, firewall, proxy or VPN you are using. Disable those, then try again.

Thanks for the things to check.

Imap settings were different than Outlook. Outlook was using port 992 and SPA. EM Client was using port 993 and use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy).

I tried using port 992 instead of 993. SPA was not available on EM Client but I assume it’s the same as SSL/TLS. Still did not work.

I’m using Webroot SecureAnywhere for the viruschecker. No VPN.

As I mentioned, EM client works with every other internet provider besides Cricket hotspot. So, doesn’t seem like it would be virus checker.

I tried the “diagnose” feature of EM client. It said “server not responding”.

992 is not an IMAP port. But then some providers do some very strange things.

Check with them what the host (server) and port should be, and make sure that is what you are using.

The standard ports and their respective security policies are:
Port 993 = Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy)
Port 143 = Use SSL/TLS if available

Port 143 may not work on some public wifi.

I also tried port 993. Still doesn’t work with cricket hotspots.

Since it works for Outlook with Cricket, I have to assume it’s a em client timeout setting or something specific to em client.

The problem turned out to be a setting in the wifi hotspot cricket router.

By default, in their security settings, they do not allow email protocol to go through!!!