Will not accept password

I have had 2 accounts on my eM Client, a Gmail account and an Office365 Exchange account. Everything had been working perfectly. I had not changed passwords for either of these accounts lately.

However, since yesterday, eM Client keeps asking for, and rejecting, the password for the Office365 account. I know the login credentials are correct, as I can access that account on webmail and on my Android phone email app.

Any advice? Thank you.

martes 29 septiembre 2020 :: 0805hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi Adrian…

Microsoft changed a number of things.
I presume you have the Pro license for eMC.
To fix, what version of eMC do you have?

¡Saludos desde la soleada España!



Sorry it took me so long to respond. To answer your question: I have the free version of eMC. However, after I originally emailed you, I was able to remove that account from eMC and add it back. Everything worked well until today. Now, again, eMC keeps asking for the password for that account. I have entered the correct password (I am able to access that email through the Outlook website online with that password) several times. Any suggestions?


Hi Adrian,
the security of your Office365 account might have increased for external apps.
Please check in with your admin and see if you can use App passwords or if you need oAuth login.

Office 365 App passwords:

Tips on enabling oAuth in eM Client:

You’re not alone, my free version and mine started doing that about a week ago, I figured that they just want me to sign up with the Pro version which I was already to do so, now working with my windstream.net email provider.

I am running the “Free” version and was going to shift to the “Pro” at the first of the month, I am a Windows 7 and my prev email was incredimail but it took a dump, I can use my Windstream.net email . but it was all ok until a week or so ago.
Thanks for your reply!