Will no longer get my gmail

Will not take gmail password or sync emails

Hi, are you seeing any errors, or is your password being rejected by the application?

If your password is being rejected, are you using the two step verification option on your Gmail account? If you are please make sure to generate an app specific password for use with eM Client and setup the application using the generated password.

If you’re not using the two step verification, please make sure you have this option set to enable on your Google account, https://www.google.com/settings/security/lesssecureapps, to enable access while using your regular web access password.

Thank you,

I have had a similar problem. I was using eM Client for a whole month with no problems. Both GMail and Comcast e-mail accounts were working great. Now Comcast e-mail comes in fine, but GMail will not download new e-mails. I uninstalled the Gmail account and tried to set it up again, and NOW I get the message that my email is blocked because I am using a “less secure” application (meaning eM Client).

This gives me pause…why is eM Client “less secure”? Can you explain this to me?

Hi, of course I can… The “Enable access for Less Secure apps” option currently allows you to authenticate with application that are using the … today’s standard… regular password that you’re used to login with using your web mail. As large mail server providers such as Gmail are following the latest trends, they’ve decided to start using a more secure option how to authenticate with their server.

The OAuth authentication that is currently considered as the secure option on Google’s website will be implemented into eM Client in it’s future updates as the current authentication method will also be unsupported in the following months by google.

Hope this answers any concerns about the authentication we’re currently using.

In case you don’t want to use the “less” secure option with eM Client you can also enable the two step authentication and use an app specific password for authentication with eM Client.