Will IMAP use configured proxies?

I have configured eM Client to use proxies by adding the following (substituting my own proxy server of course):

 <system.net>"; />


to my MailClient.exe.config and it works for connecting to the googleapis.com for calendar and contacts.

I am finding however that even with that configuration change made and working, IMAP accounts are still trying to connect directly and bypassing the proxy.

Are IMAP accounts supposed to be using the above proxy when configured or are they exempted?

Hi Brian, unfortunately eM client does not support proxy, any workarounds to use proxy with your eM Client installation are not officially supported, maybe in future releases.

Thank you for understanding,

Hi Paul,

Lack of support for proxies makes it difficult to use eM client in corporate environments.  Is that really an environment you want to ignore?  Corporate use is where all of the licensing revenue comes from.

That said, there is proxy support (unsupported as it may be) in eM client as I mention above.  Why not just start actually supporting and extending (i.e. to IMAP connections, etc.) it?