Will eM Client still work with my Outlook Live account after Microsoft updates their service?

Microsoft sent an email indicating "It appears that you are currently using the Windows Live Mail 2012 application to connect to your Out‍look‍.‍com account. The Windows Live Mail 2012 application does not support the synchronization technologies used by the new Outl‍ook‍.‍com. When account upgrades begin at the end of June, you will no longer be able to receive email sent to your Out‍look‍.‍com account in the Windows Live Mail 2012 application. "  Even though I am using eM Client.

Just another former user of Windows Live Mail 2012 and current eM Client user here.

That message would simply indicate that Microsoft still thinks you are using Windows Live Mail 2012, and is just warning you of their upcoming changes that will affect THAT program.  eM Client should not be affected by the changes to Outlook.com, if one has their Outlook or old Hotmail accounts setup correctly.  There are messages here in the forums about what settings to use for each, should you start having problems.

Do you still have Windows Live Mail 2012 installed?  I uninstalled mine when it stopped working for me.  

Make EM your Default Email Client
click on Tools > Settings > MAKE DEFAULT
This will stop Live from receiving your Emails about Windows Live

John H:

System/settings/default app in Windows 10 - that is where the eM Client points me to, but I already have it as the default mail application.  

I think the original poster (Big Bird above) was just wondering about why s/he would get an email from Microsoft about Windows Live Mail 2012 when s/he was no longer using that application.  Perhaps if it is still installed on their computer, Microsoft might think it is still used, and so, send such a message.  As I stated, I uninstalled Windows Live Mail 2012 because it would no longer work at all on my personal computer, and I did not get such an email from Microsoft, hence my question about if s/he still had it installed.  

Hope this makes sense… :wink:

Yes make sense to me

it’s indeed as mustangace above explains, Microsoft’s ending of Windows Live support will not influence eM Client.
You might have to change your account type if your outlook account has been set up as AirSync until now (switch to either IMAP or Exchange), but other than that there should be no issue.


A service your email relies on to function will no longer be supported by Microsoft after 07/13/2022.
EmClient was not listed when I clicked other mail client so not sure if settings need to be changed.

This message was from Godaddy. I received the same message a couple of months ago and
answered other mail client. It appears something needs to be changed.

Can you ask GoDaddy what service they are referring to?


Get the best experience from your Microsoft 365 account by updating to Exchange settings

Microsoft 365 accounts set up as POP and IMAP will no longer connect to their mailboxes in email clients using Basic authentication. To continue accessing your account in your email clients, you need to update your email settings to Exchange.

I edited this post because it wouldn’t allow me to use more than 2-links.
The link at the bottom is what I’m supposed to do, I guess.
I might have to look for another email provider since I like my current email checker.

Current setttings with Godaddy
pop dot secureserver dot net port 110 Use SSL/TLS if available
smtpout dot secureserver dotnet port 587 Force usage of SSL/TLS

Update my Microsoft 365 account to Exchange in other clients | Microsoft 365 from GoDaddy - GoDaddy Help US e

OK, so what they are requesting is that you change to Exchange.
If the account had already been setup as IMAP with oAuth, then there would be nothing you need to do.

But as you have POP3, go to Menu > Accounts and click on the Add Account button. Enter the email address in the automatic setup. You will be passed to your web browser to authenticate the account, then back to eM Client where it will be setup for you.

Once the account is setup, you can move your POP3 folder message to the new Exchange folders, or to Local Folders, then remove the POP3 account from eM Client.

I suggest that before moving the messages and removing the account, you make a backup using Menu > Backup.


That was perfect!
Only had to check Include when sending and receiving (made default and moved to top).
Skipped the encryption question since don’t want to break anything.

I now realize that you have a notification system that works if I:
In General settings, close application to tray
Synchronize at startup and every 1-minute.

Very happy and sure glad I asked the question.
Would have never known it would be this easy and my pop3 checker is no longer needed.