Will changing my email address stop junk mail?

Hello will the above action stop my junk mail, 50% of which is not even addressed to me and how easy is it to achieve please? Many thanks

The short answer is “Yes” (on a short term basis). However, the correct answer is “not necessarily” (on the long run).

First, you should understand the sources of spam and junk email you get and the required change of behavior in order for you to avoid receiving spam in the future – or at least – to limit it to an acceptable level.

Email protection requires multiple layers of defense, including of course a spam filter generally offered by your email provider. Unfortunately, most email protection solutions consist only of an email gateway that can filter some types of emails from reaching your mail server. Gateway-only solutions can’t stop threats from email accounts that may have been compromised.

So the most important layer of defense is us, the users. And the first question that you should ask yourself is why are you getting so many undesired emails? What do you do (or do not do) in your everyday Internet/email life that generates so much spam?

Stopping spammers from flooding your inbox with unwanted junk is excellent, but changing your email privacy settings (in Gmail, for example) and your habits to reduce your exposure to spam in the first place is even better.

Also, keep your email address as private as possible. Be careful about the people and organizations you share your address with. Unsubscribe from unwanted newsletters or mailing lists, and use a secondary email address if you have to subscribe to a mailing list or use specific services.

Ah, and report spam and block it immediately in eM Client. Don’t even open suspicious or undesired emails.


Hi Son-of-A-Gun and thank you for your comprehensive reply. I started receiving junk mail after I purchased a new pc running Windows 10 last year and my IT guy told me I didn’t need Norton any more because it was a) resource hungry as well as expensive and b) Windows Defender (I think) would look after my security and backing up my photos etc. Before this change I never received junk email. A lot of the junk mail doesn’t even use my correct email address, for instance nobody @ invalid invalid etc. I do nearly all my purchasing online as I live in a rural area. Also I’ve tried blocking and reporting to eMClient but it doesn’t work. I only use the free version maybe this is why? Anway thank you so much for your advice and interest. Kind Regards Dottie.

What I do is set some basic rules which scan all incoming emails at the provider level (Outlook.com) in my case.
I got a few rules for safety below is the a screenshot of one doing the heavy work of keeping me safe from suspicious email containing attachments.

It may sound stupid but I have the same email address since 2004 with different alias and most of the junk get ruled out.
Black List and White List for domain name are good too.
I also have a few rules that are seeking for specific email template used by scammer and Apply “Delete Permanently” regardless the email it was sent FROM & TO.
About 30 emails a month end in junk and I don’t have the stats of how many get deleted by the rules but my mail box is relatively clean and safe.
I don’t recommend creating much “Delete” action rules as if something go wrong important email can be deleted and you won’t have seen it.

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Having an antivirus in a computer protects it from viruses and malicious programs. However, junk, spam, and all kinds of unsolicited emails are the direct result of our own behavior. Like I said before, you should keep your new email address as private as possible and be careful about the people and organizations you share it with. Also, do not subscribe to shady or questionable websites, forums, newsletters, or mailing lists with your new address. Use a secondary email address instead.

Also, reporting spam or junk to eM Client doesn’t mean you are reporting to the company that produces the software. It simply means that you are saying to the email application (eM Client): “Remember this email address. So next time I get an email from them, please put it directly in the spam/junk folder!”

Wow Son-of-A-Gun you are obviously far more of an expert than I am. being in my latter years I can only just grasp a lot of what you have told me but thank you.
Of necessity I do most of my shopping online so a lot of sellers will have my email address via Amazon and eBay etc. However, about half the junk emails that come to me aren’t even addressed to me eg nobody@invalid and other such gobbledegook.
eMClient doesn’t provide blocking or reporting (I use the free version which only allows 2 mail addresses so myself and my husband).
It looks like I’ll need to invest in a more sophisticated provider
I never open or click on anything in the emails but they still keep coming!
Many thanks for all your help. Dottie

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Hi Shaun Y I sent you a reply but didn’t realise there was a link to do it on here, apologies and thanks for your help Dottie

Thank you Shaun Y I replied in a direct email kind regards Dottie.