Wie kann ich den Client so einstellen, das nicht automatisch die erste Mail in der Vorschau geöffnet wird?

besonders in dem Ordner mit den Junk Mails möchte ich nicht, dass die Vorschau der ersten Mail angezeigt wird. Dies hat schon diverse Male dazu geführt, dass mein Virenschutz angesprungen ist.

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English version:
How can I set the client so that the first mail is not automatically opened in the preview?

Especially in the folder with the junk mails, I don’t want the preview of the first mail to be displayed. This has already led to my virus protection being triggered several times.

Unfortunately you can’t disable the preview of a single message, unless you disable the preview for all messages. (Menu > View > Layout > Message Panel Off).

But if you use the privacy settings in Menu > Settings > Mail > Privacy, no external content will be loaded when you click on the message, so you are quite safe. And your antivirus app should protect you if you try to open a dangerous attachment that is already in the message.

I was wondering the same thing. Not specifically for malicious emails, but for me it’s just the estaethic. I know, first world problems. But I would love it if I could click on an email to close the preview. I don’t want to turn off the preview panel because that opens the emails up in a new window. I know it’s just something minor but I’d love it if there would be an option to close the preview.