Width of table column is not constant

I have following problem. I am creating table - 3 columns by 2 raws. The width of table is fixed in Table Properties window. When I am putting some text or image into the cell the widht on next columns is being decreased. Is it possible to create columns with the same width with text.

What can I do the keep width constant.

I agree this is annoying, although it usually works out OK in the end. Another solution is to create a table in Excel and paste it into the body of the email. Format much better this way.

Yes, I have checked option with Excel and Word. It works better, but it is addtional step which should not be necessary. I think it is a good software, but tables are still behind competation. :frowning:

in Office tables are also adjusting width but it is possible to turn it off, here I cannot see such option.

I agree.  This is something they should improve in future versions.

Hello everybody,

Thank you for feedback, we appreciate that this option would be useful and are planning on eventually adding it. In the meantime, thank you for suggesting a workaround Jay.