Width of left-hand column not retained on next start?

Am I missing a particular setting, or is it a known issue that the left-hand column (e.g. “Mail” with all the folders) doesn’t remember the width I set it at when I close and then reopen the app?
video showing me resizing the left-hand column, closing, then reopening the app, with left-hand column reset to the original size

Same problem here, any possible solutions?


… i have now opened a support ticket

Hi there, just wondering, did you find a solution to this issue? I always like to have the full email address and number of messages visible on the left, so am also finding it frustrating that I need to resize the left hand column every time I open eMClient.

No solution until devs fix this in the app itself, I fear

It is an issue with some corruption in your database.

You will need to delete the database and start again.

First, make a backup using Menu > Backup, just in case you need to come back to the old database.

When that is done, export any local data, then close eM Client and delete the C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Roaming\eM Client\ folder. You may have to enable hidden items in Explorer to get there.

Start eM Client, add your accounts and import any local data you exported.

so are you saying the size of the left-hand column should persist between restarts, but it’s not doing it because of a database corruption?

Yes exactly.

Because of some corruption in the database, your preferences can’t be written on exit, so after a restart they revert to what they were before.

ok, will give it a try (though not looking forward to having to redefine all my email rules and junk filters, which i’m assuming can’t be easily kept/ported over?)

Ok, one completely fresh reinstall later (including nuking the Roaming and Local folders for good measure), and: I’m having the same problem, but actually honed in on the culprit…

The size of the left-hand column is retained between restarts, UNLESS you have View > Sidebar > Hidden Sidebar turned on. when the right-hand sidebar is hidden, the size of the left-most column is NOT retained between restarts. As soon as I reenable the sidebar, the size of the left-most column is remembered.

So…it does appear that this is a bug after all, not related to database corruption

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and, to rule out it’s something weird on my machine, I’ve just installed a fresh copy for the first time on my laptop, and can confirm that there as well, as soon as sidebar is set to hidden, the size of the left-hand column keeps resetting to whatever it was set to when the sidebar was still visible. making the sidebar visible again goes back to the expected behaviour of remembering the size of the left-hand column

Based on the above discovery that this is a bug that happens when “View > Sidebar > Hidden Sidebar” is turned on, the hacky solution for now seems to be…if you do want to keep the sidebar hidden, but your left-hand column is too small for your liking:

  • temporarily set “View > Sidebar > Minimized Sidebar”
  • now change the size of the left-hand column to whatever you want it to be
  • set sidebar back to “View > Sidebar > Hidden Sidebar”

This seems to then “set” the size of left-hand column to whatever you had it at when you had the sidebar visible.


The issue arose with me after an entirely new install of eMClient on a new device. I tried your suggestion to no avail. But the fix mentioned above by patrick_h_lauke worked for me, where you show minimised sidebar, then resize the left column, then hide the sidebar again.

This fix also worked for me. Thank you for all your excellent detective work.

Thank you for the steps to reproduce this.

I am able to reproduce it and have reported it to our developers to correct.

Just searched out your excellent work on this issue which has been irritating and annoying me for ages. Thank you so very much for your diligence - they should give you a consultancy contract…!

Yes, thank you @patrick_h_lauke.

This issue will be fixed in version 10.

Is that imminent? I haven’t seen any reference.

It may be some time yet before a preview/beta version is available.

We will make an announcement on the forum when it is available for testing.

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