Widgets list and javascript API ?

1 - Actually widgets are all on the same view.

I think would be better to have the widgets section in left bar be expandable similar to other sections, showing under a list of the widgets so we can make widgets full height and switch from a widget to another clicking in the left bar.

Otherwise the actual mode to use widgets it’s often a real pain.

2- I am a developer of a web app and usually my clients use emclient and use the widgets to show my webapp hosted in their lan.
Often (every minute I would say) they are manually copying and pasting content from this web app to calendar events, tasks or emails.

Would be great to have an emclient javascript API available for webpages running in his widgets (obviously enabled on a per domain basis) so I can modify my web app to comunicate with emclient and generating calendar entry and tasks from its content programmatically or with the click of a button.

At this time I am really considering in the next year to add some functionality to my web app to manage tasks and events (I would happily avoid to do all this work if not necessarily), so probably usage of emclient in my userbase will drop.

A javascript API inside emclient to interact would be beneficial to such cases and I think could really be a selling point.