Widgets are not suitable for RSS reader

Hello, I would love to use eM Client as RSS feed reader - yes, it is supported, but I don’t think that the widgets are right GUI for this stuff. Have you ever tought that it could be just another “tab” like Mail, Calendar, Contacts, etc. and treat the feeds like mail? It would make RSS feeds much more usefull and elegant. If you look at some other RSS clients they already do that, because it have turned out that it’s good idea.
For example:
RSS Owl - http://www.rssowl.org/images/overview…
FeedReader - http://www.feedreader.com/images/fr1.png
Google Reader - http://kellinachin.files.wordpress.co…

  • Opera Mail and others.

Thanks for considering, I love eM Client and this would be just another step to own 100% of the market :wink:

That would be brilliant. Also to have eM Client Sync with Google Reader for RSS.

I absolutely agree, Widgets is not a proper way to do this. I would also like to see a more feature filled RSS reader tab. One that is flexible with the layout, different options for displaying images, amount of text etc…

Also Google RSS reader syncing would be great, the Google Sync feature is the
reason I’m now in the process of migrating to eM Client.

Absolutely must have! I have recomended this program to my customers. Why? It looked like perfect all-in-one mail/RSS client. Now I see there is only some pseudo RSS support - this is mis-implementation … RSS folder should be placed in mail local folders at least (like Outlook does) to be able to see unread RSS in Smart unread folder. Second option is to make whole new category beside MAIL CALENDAR etc…
I am disappointed. Your statement on feature list: “eM Client includes integrated RSS reader” is quite untrue - look at other RSS readers how to do it right. The statment should be: “eM Client includes basic RSS viewer”. Now I incline to withdraw my recomendations to my clients… Or is there some work being done right now in beta channel for better RSS experience?


Currently there are no plans to change anything in RSS reader.


I second this, it would be nice treating RSS items as messages.

Hi, thank you for the suggestion, we’ll consider adding the feature to future releases.


Any update on this? This would be a rather nice feature to have. Saves the trouble of a separate RSS reader.

Hi as previously mentioned the feature is under consideration, however no decision to implement the feature has been made yet.

Thank you for understanding,

Hi Paul, any news for this? Missing this simple RSS read/unread feature.

Hello Marius,
considering and implementing new features is a very time-consuming process, so while changes to the RSS viewer are not currently planned, that does not mean that it won’t change for future versions.


Are there any updates on this suggestion, particularly in view of the release of version 7?  The RSS widget is pretty much unusable as it is.

Development has ceased on some of the better RSS readers (such as RSS Owl).  I love eM Client and it would be pretty helpful to have this under the same roof.

I also add my view to this! The RSS problem is really a  BIG annoying issue! As it is RSS is really not usable on daily basis. Em client team has stated that is is considering thins…3 years ago.
But is it HARD to just make RSS like the one in OPERA mail or Thunderbird ?
seems REALLY simple and basic. I really hope you guys can change RSS reading SOON :slight_smile:

Agree with topic. After “Opera Mail” with their RSS - cannot see yours invisible widgets.
Make them readable