Widget Examples

What type of content do people display in widget?
Never used it before
How does one add a widget?


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A Widget is a web page displayed within eM Client. So something that has dynamic content that regularly changes, like an RSS Feed, could be setup as a Widget.

You can find out more in the Help File.

I must agree with @James5, could anyone provide the example of valuable use of the Website widget? What is the advantage of such widget from the regular web browser? Provided Help file didn’t answer nor did the @Gary.

Sorry if my previous comment did not answer the questions posted by @James5.

The Help file describes a widget as a useful add on that can display your favorite web pages or to read the latest news from a RSS feed.

An example would be a blog that you read every day. Instead of opening a separate browser application, the page is there within eM Client for you to read.

The Help file describes how to add a widget.

But I must agree that it does not seem to be very useful to most users, and it not something I have ever used other than to see how it works.

Yes, it was basically meant as a RSS reader or Welcome page for business users - typically some intranet page with intern news in the company. But to be honest we feel that this is a bit outdated and probably will fade away in future versions. We are not focused on this feature very much to be honest.

I can see how that could work. You have Widgets selected as the startup option for eM Client, and that displays a dynamic company web page with announcements or something.

Yeah, exactly. We had received several requests for that in the past from companies.

It’s also outdated since the rise (and ease of use) of news aggregators (on the Internet and on mobile devices) and of course social media.