Widen scroll bar in left pane

Is there a way to widen the scroll bar here?

Yes. I know because I wanted it to. I don’t remember all of it, but there are themes with wide scrollbars. Ok, I think I see what I did. In the theme editor for the theme you want you can check the “useSystemScrollbar” option in the list of Elementary controls. Then save the theme with a name and use it.

Thanks for answering. Your suggestion works for teh scroll bar on th eright but not the one on the left as shown in my screenshot.

viernes 04 marzo 2022 :: 1358hrs (UTC +01:00)

As @steveshank has said it is possible and,
this has been covered more times than I can remember, you can view this by
searching the Forum.
You will be given 3 options:
1./ Use a Theme where the scroll bar is wide
2./ Use the Theme Editor to change this yourself
3./ Edit the XML file for the Theme

If you are absolutely stuck tell me the Theme you are using and I will do it for you.

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I am all set now. I don’t think I was saving my changes correctly.


I had a terrible time with that myself. I am now using Theme_004 by blank because it took me that long to stumble upon whatever I had to do.