Why you ruined eM Client with that stupid authentication thing?

Those popup windows with google authentication in the stupidest thing ever. If that was done by some important reason - please explain why?

I have the same problem and no solution yet

I am considerring switching to other solution. Personally I’m using free version, but I have some decision making/influencing power in my professional area - so maybe this will motivate someone from eM to look at this as both of the bugs I bothered to post here are not resolved

I have a solution and that is using VPN connection . when I use VPN it works very well without showing authentication window, but it bothers me to connect VPN first to check my emails.

The worst thing is that (eM Client Pro) it changed a “normal” account into a GMail account.
No more way to connect to my (main !) mailbox. And in Account there is no way, apparently, to switch the mailbox again to a normal one.
As a software developer, I’m thinking about something called “testing”…
… and a better commitment to user satisfaction and will…
Schade, that was a very tough error… :frowning:

Hello OAuth was implemented as the main authentication option with Google, it is no longer possible to authenticate with the server for example for use with your Calendar or Contacts, I believe this would be the important reason. Read more about the option on our blog: http://www.emclient.com/blog/em-client-now-features-oauth-authentication-with-gmail-124 .

Hope this helps.

It wouldn’t be so bad if it was a one-off, but it’s happening at least daily. Also, if you don’t bother with the authentication the window pops up every time you click on a different week or task etc.

Now that Office is a subscription I think this annoying feature will drive me back to Outlook.

Is there any news regarding this? eM Client asked me to authenticate 4times (2x2 gmail accounts) in the span of approximately 3 minutes with no reason at all. I am sure this qualifies for a “bug” status. Seems the time to move to another solution :(((

Hello, we’re working on finding out more about why this occurs, but unfortunately can’t seem to find any pointers yet… This issue unfortunately only occurs on certain installations and we’re not able to replicate it in-house.

We’ve collected some additional data and we’re working on finding out the reason for this behavior, we’ll keep you posted as soon as we got some more insight on why this occurs.

Thank you,