Why so slow to open?

Very good as an alternative to Outlook but why is it so slow to open (program) and to fill in the detilas of an opened incoming email

Hello Dave,

We’re glad to hear that you are happy with eM Client. When you say the program is slow to open, what does it mean in terms of time? What version do you use (Menu->Help->About)? How big is your database (C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\eM Client)? Has the program finished correctly? Are there any checks on the start up?

As for the messages - the way eM Client works is that it only downloads message headers to save time during the new mail synchronization on the application’s start. If you’d like to also download the message bodies, please go to Menu -> Tools ->Accounts ->IMAP tab of the relevant account and select ‘Download messages for offline use’. Please note that the initial synchronization might take some time.


Hi Maurice - thanks for your reply.  A’s to your Q’s in turn.  When I click on the toolbar icon to open EM client, it can take nearly 2 minutes to display the frame on-screen.  Desktop is DELL.  Version is 7.0 .27943.0  I am using Windows 7 Professional with 64-bit 3.3GHz processor, 4Gb RAM and broadband speed of just under 13Mbps.   When installing EM, I imported all my previous Outlook emails and Contacts and my mail data.dat is 1.124Gb   I don’t know what you mean by “checks on startup” so I probably haven’t any???  I have 2 POP accounts and have set incoming emails to open with the body not just the headers.
Also, I need to Archive older emails, but would like some help with this.   Does EM create the same live folders as Archives before moving them, or do the emails all get sent to one “pot” (this latter is not what I need)  Also, if half the emails are archived, is that to a separate file so that the opening will be speeded up?

Any help would be appreciated
Dave B.

p.s. Don’t be fooled by the picture, it was taken nearly 55 years ago!

Just a quick question-- do you normally open the program when you start windows or is it slow anytime you open it? The boot process is slow and disk/processor intensive and can go on for several minutes, particularly with a mechanical drive. Loading programs during that time can be agonizing.

For your reference, I have an I7 with 8GB RAM and SSD. The load time is less than 3 seconds.

Hi Jay, thanks for your comments.   I have set eM to open with the boot sequence (mechanical hard drive only) and noted that whole boot seq is normally between 55secs and 1m 4secs.  During this seq, eM loads very quickly.   Since I can’t / don’t sit in front of the screen all day, I normally close eM after initial mail-check and pick up any emails on my notsosmartphone first.  If I get one worth seeing / replying to on the desktop, I return to the pc and re-load eM; that is when it sometimes takes a few seconds and sometimes up to 2 minutes - I am puzzled!  Is there a bit of residual pre-loading software that “sits” in memory after it’s been closed?  Maybe sometimes it does and other times not?

Hello Dave,

Thanks for the additional information. When eM Client is slow to load again, could you please look into the task manager and send us the information about the usage of the CPU and the disk? Could you please also download this tool http://www.emclient.com/tools/emstackdump.exe) and run it while it’s taking eM Client a long time to start (2 minutes is not a regular behavior)? It will create a .txt file called “eM Client Stack date time”. Please send it to [email protected] with a link to this thread and we will look into what is the issue.

Thank you,

Hi Maurice - many thanks for the extra info - HOWEVER, not sure whether you did it by osmosis or telepathy but I now can’t get the eM Client to open in more than 3 seconds !!!  No clue as to why this should be, but as soon as I notice the time delay again I will attempt to do as you suggested with the Task Manager and the stackdump.exe (don’t hold your breath, it may be awhile!)

I have version 7.0.27943 running on Windows 10 from a 250GB SSD, 16GB RAM, and a Core i5 at 3.5GHz.  The initial load of the program takes almost 40 seconds, after I have booted the computer and everything has loaded.  Subsequent startup of the program takes about 3 seconds, so I’m wondering what the program is doing the first time around.  I have a very small email account that I set up for our high school class reunion, and it receives no spam - just messages from classmates.