Why no formatting meeting invite like in email??

One of the great aspects of eM when connected to gmail is how superior the email window is with regard to formatting. I do a ton of copy and pasting from Excel and Word and when I am creating an email in eM, all the formatting carries straight over.

However, NONE of the formatting carries over if I try to paste the same content into the description field of a meeting invite. Excel tables are stripped of their formatting and word docs lose all formatting and embedded images.

Am I doing something wrong or is the description field in a meeting invite drastically less functional than an email?


Any insight here??



Description field in invite is text only, it is because most servers supports this as a text only and they would be unable to send meeting with anything else there.


I see this is an old post but still an important requirement for a couple reasons. I format my agendas and sometimes include other word/excel data for reference. Also, because many people use Hangouts, GoTo Meetings, MS Lync, etc., these all contain hyperlinks for the meeting invite. Without proper HTML formatting, the invite info is lost…which makes it kinda hard to join the meeting. Has there been any recent intent to fix this?

Hi Michael, I understand that this is a missing feature for you, thank you for your feedback regarding this option, we’ll consider improving this in future releases of eM Client.

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