why is there trash and deleted folders?

Having both seems pointless. Other clients happily manage with one. They usually have an auto empty facility, which would be handy. Is it a setting I’m missing? I like Em so far just getting used to it and setting it up. Trash/delete is a niggle but not a deal breaker. I was using windows live before and this is the mearest I’ve found to it. 

There should only be one folder, but if you imported from WLM, maybe it imported an extra folder. Trash is the default one, so try deleting the other and see what happens.

You can set eM Client to empty the Trash on exit. You will find that in Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Empty Trash on Exit.

Thanks Gary.I have deleted the “delete” folder. Is it possible to set the auto delete to anything other than on exit or manual. ie. after 3 days for example. Also can the trash folder be renamed to delete?  

In eM Client you only have two options; leave the trash where it is, or delete it when closing the application. However, your email provider may have some options. Mine allows me to specify the retention age is for any folder, so I can set it from 1 day to 12 months. Others like GMail will automatically remove trash older than 30 days.

You can’t change the Trash folder name.