Why is Local Folders listed Separately?

I only have one account but The local folders appear separately from the Account folders and duplicates the account folders. I would prefer that the account folder and the local folders  are merged.

I believe it may be the result of my initial importing from my Thunderbird POP account.

Is there a preference (technical or otherwise) among you folks as to merging them or leaving them as is? 

Thank you for any insight…


I think for most they are using IMAP. For that, each account needs to be a separate folder tree because it is simply a reflection of what is on the server. The folders cannot be merged.

For POP3, you can have multiple accounts sharing the same set of folders. You just specify that when setting up the account.

If you choose to store messages in Local Folders, then there will only be the one set - Local Folders.

eM Client needs some of the Local Folders to work properly, so they cannot be removed. One example is the Outbox. Like other email clients, the Outbox is used to store messages as they are being uploaded to the SMTP server.

Thank you for the response…

I am only using POP3…
I am very confused … will need to digest this further as I was thinking of merging folders not eliminating them (ref. your outbox example) and not creating a new account. My understanding is that I can EXPORT local folders and IMPORT them into the Account folder structure…

Was asking for some guidance as to whether it is better to leave as is or merging and deleting the separate Local folder…

Am I totally misunderstanding this?

You can’t actually merge folders. Once you have setup your POP3 with it’s own folder tree, it is not possible to choose to use Local Folders for that account, or combine it with another POP3 account. You would have to move all the messages to Local Folders, then delete the POP3 account and setup the account again, choosing to use Local Folders.

There is no need to export from Local Folders and import to the account folders. Just select the messages and move them by dragging or by right-click > Move to Folder.

If you are not using the Local Folders, just hide them. (Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Show Local Folders) eM Client needs them, but that does not mean they have to be visible. If you are not using them, the only folder of interest is the Outbox. Sometimes a message gets stuck there and you might need to delete it. You can show the Outbox in Smart Folders so it is not necessary to show the whole Local Folder tree just to have the Outbox.


The EXPORT/IMPORT scenario I described was what eM Client support directed me to do…
I have reached back out to them to get some further clarification based on what you are indicting/suggesting.

I do appreciate your perspective, just need to ‘unconfuse’ this old brain…

If you are going to remove the POP3 account from eM Client, then add it again, you need to keep the messages safe because deleting the account will delete the folder tree and its contents. This does not apply if the messages are in Local Folders. Deleting the POP3 account will not delete Local Folders or its contents. So you can keep your messages safe by exporting them before deleting the account and then importing after adding the account again. Or you can simply move the messages to Local Folders until the new account is in place then move them back.

If you want to move the messages from Local Folders to a POP3 account tree, it is not necessary to export then import. You just drag/move them from Local Folders to the POP3 tree. Why over-complicate things?


Not sure where you got the impression that I was going to remove the POP3 account and then add it again…
All I believe I said was I wanted to eliminate a separate Local Folders by merging them into the account folder. The response I received from support was “You can export all data from local folders using Menu>File>Export and import them back to the account-specific folder tree via Menu>File>Import”. As far as I understand this it will be a 2-step resolution, unless my understanding is flawed…


That is just a waste of time exporting and importing.

Just move the messages from the Local Folders to the POP3 account folders. eM Client has contextual menus just for that: right-click > Move to folder. Q.E.D.

A waste of time? A 2-step process to move ALL Local Folders (MANY) ?

No, to first export then import is a waste of time. Just move the messages within eM Client. That is a one-step solution.

But whatever . . . do as you wish.

I have about 90 local folders and would have to move each folder, correct? Or export all and import all… 2-step…

I appreciate your voluntary support in this forum and the Thunderbird forum