Why is it so hard to get any help ???

Lost my lisence key. And got a new one ,and this didnt work. What do i do ?

Hi Erik,

Let’s address your post Subject first .
Why is it so hard to get any help ???

It isn’t if you bother to read a bit more and familiarize yourself with eM Client
and the info that’s available.

This attitude is evidenced by your post in this Topic

This forum is mainly for users of the free version , but they have the responsibility to do something for themselves as well.
 eM Client staff does jump in now and then, but for full support you’ll need to buy a license.

Even so, it’s up to you to save your license after it’s sent to you by email.
It’s usually still available in the email on the server.

Then there 's the resend of the license :

Violations are mainly due to incorrect usage of eM Client relating to the license in use.
For the Free version: Exceeding the restrctions…
No business use.  2 email accounts. 1 license per user per device.

There have been cases where the License server misinterpreted the use
and that’s why Russel Markosky offered to emai him about violation notices.


well thanks for your answer. I have tried to get an new activation key. And got one , it didnt work either. 
But all of this have been much more easyer if  i dont have to translate first. 

Thanks for the feedback.

It’s unfortunate that you didn’t understand the process,

if for some reason the program doesn’t work, you solve that first.
Sometimes a reinstallation is required.
If you somehow “lost” the license key, there is a remedy as I wrote.
Ask for a resend. That would have given you some clous

You cannot use a new license unless you disable the old license.

if it’s due to violation of the license there is a remedy - it’s knowing that you followed
the rules linked to your license.

if the original license still fails, you can resort to writing to the address of Russel Markosky

So far as translating is concerned - it also shouldn’t be a problem.
Most browsers support translation - either as built-in or as an add-on.

I’m not a native speaker of English either, but can translate a page in one click.
An answer takes 2 or 3 clicks at most.

As an non-native speaker of English you can’t expect that the forum
would be in your own language.

It would help to learn more English.