Why have your configured this otherwise great tool to be useless if you rely on content when you are offline - might aswell use a web-browser tool

In a world of powerful online mail tools why doesn’t eMClient address the requirements of the offline world requiring access to email when not connected. That is able to reliably download complete messages when the opportunity arises.

“Download when next connected” makes emClient is significantly less useful than Outlook an obsolete dinosaur if On-line is a pre-req.

I just don’t understand what market you are trying to win?

I’m not sure if it’s the same thing but under the account section and IMAP tab there is a choice to download messages and attachments for offline use.

Exactly :wink:

But is there now way to limit (as in Outlook) the number or vintage of emails that are downloaded? Or is some sort of limitation automatically imposed?

No, Unfortunately this is not possible.