Just noticed that eM Client has stopped processing gmail, it was working perfectly so it must be set up correctly, have you had anymore instances of this, any ideas
Philip Baker

Happened to me too. I think you have to set up Gmail to consider eM Client as an authorised email client.

It still works perfectly for me (2 gmail accounts). Sometimes eM Client tells me, it couldn’t connect to my primary gmail account, but a simple click on “refresh” cures that fault. If it is more serious than that, it might help to remove the account from eM Client and set it up again. Don’t use the default automatic setup.  instead choose Mail, then Gmail and fill in your credentials. When I did that the last time, I got a message from Gmail on my smartphone to confirm that I wanted to give permission to eM Client to read my gmail account. With other mail clients Gmail will need an “app specific password”, which you can generate on your Google account under “security”. You can get more help, in the Google webmailer under “(cockwheel)>settings>Forward&Pop/IMAP>configure Mail clients”  - or something like that (i only have the German version, terminology might be a bit different).