Why doesn't the eM Chat Window Blink When New Messages Are Sent (em Client v 6.0)

I love eM client mail and chat but my only problem with it lies in chat. I have Windows 7 and unlike the other chat clients I have used in the past, I noticed that eM client doesn’t flash in my task area to let me know that someone has sent a message. I checked in the settings and do not see where I can enable this option or if it’s available at all. Can someone help me out, please?

Hi, eM Client does not do it because we have not implemented it. If you receive email or message there should be visible red envelope.

You can enable/disable or edit notifications in Tools - Settings - General - Notifications


Thanks, Jan. Where on my screen would I see the red envelope?

in systray (usually bottom right, where you have icons of active programs or/and time, wifi etc)