Why doesnt emails download content ? Can I adjust setting myself ?

I cant see pictures or content in emails.

Of course you can: go to the menu Tools - Settings - Mail - Privacy and choose “Download unsafe content in all messages”.

Hi & thanks. But I’d already done this before, and it didn’t change anything… I am using the Norwegian version. (The setting is : “vis usikkert innhold i alle meldinger”). Pictures and linked pages still doesn’t show… Any other tips for me ?
Thanks again…

Can you see any pictures in Internet Explorer? I am asking because eM Client uses IE for displaying messages.

Thanks for reply. Well, IE works well if I open it :slight_smile: But I use Google Chrome at the moment. Is this significant ? (For the same reason as I have chosen eM Client… - I had problems (or rather dis-satisfaction) with Outlook, Windows Live and IE, and I’m trying out more reliable programs and softwaresuppliers :slight_smile:

Please send me on of the problematic emails saved as .eml at wilson@emclient.com. Thank you.

:slight_smile: Now it’s all working well, new emails and old, even the deleted ones… Did you do something ? The only new thing I did, was to open IE eysterday (closing it after less than one minute). Could this make the change ? Anyway, I hope this is a permanent change, and that it all will be working well in the future…

We did not do anything - I guess IE repaired itself somehow :slight_smile:

Well, ok. Thanks anyway :slight_smile:

Problem continues. It seems like I need to open IE (and not Google Chrome) for the emails to show correctly. Can this be for real ? The whole point of a dedicated mail-program is to not have to open Internet to ba able to read emails…

What version of IE do you have? It should work without need to open IE separately. Try to install latest version of Internet Explorer and let me know if it helps.

IE 10 - version 10.0.9200.16618, update version10.0.6. Automatic installation of new versions. Same situation today, I need to open IE to see photos in my emails in eMClient. But when I open IE (when eMClient is open) all emails automatically are updated and all pictures shows correctly.

Please contact me directly at wilson@emclient.com - I will send you further instructions.