why does Thunderbird import result in error every time?

The eM Client v2.7.8313.0 shows an import from Thunderbird option. However, every time I try it, it gives me an error: “An error occurred when trying to import data: The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect. Parameter name: path” Any suggestions?

I have exactly the same problem …
Was hoping that quick search here would help, but only found this three month old message with no answer.

Just saw there is a newer version 3.0… is this the version you had problems with or 2.7 like myself ?

It’s the latest version 3.0.9716.0 - without being able to import it’s not much good for me …
Let’s hope somebody from eM Client Inc will take notice?

If problem persists please send me the email to staron@emclient.com .

Thanks Gabriel,
I will try one last time and e-mail to you on it’s merry way.
I have suspicion though, and perhaps you Luis can confirm my theory?
My Thunderbird “local directory” is located not in the default location, so this might be confusing eM Client import?
It should cope, but if it is simplified and only goes to default location than it will not find anything on my PC

Chris, you are correct. I do not use the default location to avoid depending on the stability of my Windows profile — I install data stores on a different location to ensure they will not be lost in case the profile is corrupted.

I appreciate that Gabriel has responded.

Thanks Luis,
That seems to be confirming my hunch that the problem seem to be related to profiles.ini
I have modified it to point to another directory (where my emails are stored and backed up as any other file/document).
Nothing wrong with that, but it seems to be confusing eM Client’s import wizard?

Chris, did that work? where is the profile.ini you are referring to?


Sorry for the confusion - I meant that my TB profiles.ini file (located at C:\Document and Settings\YourUsername\Application Data\Thunderbird - mine is XP) is modified to point to non-default store location.
My problem with eM Client is still there.
As an experiment I might set up TB with default location and standard profiles.ini file to see if this works OK.

see here:

I have tried - moved the profile to default location and changed profiles.ini to suit. Didn’t make any difference - import wizard is still coming up with the same error message

ok, let me tell what I tried. Used the ImportExport add-in, and exported as .eml files. Then imported each account. Painful but it does work.

Thanks Luis, that’s useful and worth exploring as potential solution, but … eM Client’s import wizard needs sorting out - let’s hope that Gabriel comes up with something!

Yes indeed!
ImportExport add-on and .eml works OK, but it will take me forever to move my folders :slight_smile:

Thanks to Chris I was able to simulate the issue. The problem was really with handling different profile location. We will fix it and it will be probably available with the next update.
Meanwhile try to use default location - but the location is stored not only in profiles.ini file…

Thanks Gabriel,
Pleased that it confirms my suspicion as to the cause and glad to be able to assist with improvement of your excellent/free product.
I will try to solve my migration problem by changing TB back to default location.

Well… in the end I have installed TB again in the default location. Import wizard appeared to be working, but my calendar didn’t import, my address book had a lot of corrupt details, my emails had a lot of them lost (appearing as an email from nobody@invalid.invalid) and as for the settings - I am sending emails OK, but not receiving any :-(.
So you could say that it was hardly worth the effort.
I wonder if anybody ever migrated from TB successfully?

Chris, I was able to migrate by doing the ImportExport add-in tool. But only migrated a couple of my accounts as a test since that is what the free version allows.

I must admit the SMTP/POP settings took me some time to fine tune; for some reason it did not like them and had to delete the accounts a couple of times (before importing the emails), and once I got them to work all was fine.

In all honesty: I wanted to like eMClient more than I do. Look and feel is great but I think that: 1. it is just not mature enough and am wondering if I want to entrust my email use to it just yet; and 2. I really like the RSS feeds built into my email and eMClient does not have them yet.

I do think I will reconsider it for a future version. Have you looked at Postbox ?

Thanks Luis,
Like yourself, I have managed to get SMTP/POP sorted out by deleting the imported one and doing it manually - works OK now.
Now will have to migrate everything manually…
I have also added my yahoo mail account, with the fix available elsewhere here, it works just fine.
I would love to get away from TB, and I like the feel of eM Client, but there just too many problems to make it easy