Why does setting Categories->None on a message remove it from the Inbox?

The subject pretty much says it - I am using the Dark theme, and absolutely despite the bright red and yellow markers - and since I don’t use categories I set it to NONE - and watched as all my emails disappeared from the Inbox.  Strange - to put it mildly.  The emails are now in “All Email”.  

Is this “by design”?

This is because of the way GMail is structured. There are actually only a few folders in GMail: All Mail, Trash and Junk. When a new message arrives it is stored in All Mail and usually given to label Inbox. That is how it appears in the Inbox “folder”. If you remove the label, you remove it from Inbox. So removing the category in eM Client does the same thing; it removes the message from the Inbox “folder” and leaves it in All Mail. Does that make sense?

I think this is unique to GMail.

Absolutely it does!  Thanks for explaining it!
Just another reason why I hate GMail.  I expect messages to be delivered to “inbox” and for them to remain there - regardless of “categories” or “labels” or any other such nonsense - until I move them to some other folder.  Then again, I’m from the old school of Unix email, so very little Google or most other “modern” companies produce seems civilized to me.  

I have yet to figure out how to distinguish between “categories” and “labels” - for GMail or for eM-Client.  I must be dense.  Us old dinosaurs tend to be :wink:

I accidently changed one of my emails to “none” in the Categories and now I can’t find it. I’ve searched the ALL MAIL folder and its not their. Is there a way I can recover it can change it back to “inbox”?

Can you find it in All Mail if you use the web interface for GMail?

Yes it is. And it shows its in my Inbox. I’ve tried to move it to another folder and putting a new category on it, but that one email will not show on up eM client anymore.

The eM Client message cache may be corrupt. In eM Client, right-click on the All Mail folder and choose Properties > Repair.

Solved… thank you.