why does it take hours to get emails from a server ?

ntlworld is my service provider , if I use my laptop and go direct to the service provider it will open a days emails in about 3 minutes .
em client will take up to 3 hours to do the same thing - I assume ; because I never waited that long - instead I gave up and I opened the emails on the 5 yearold laptop instead. this pc is 6 months old and is running win 7 .

does it display some error during the download of mails?

no errors displayed - I select receive all and nothing happens for ages , so I try again a few minutes later maybe one or two emails arrive , then I try again a few minutes later , one or two again

I have been on pc now for 45 minutes only 6 emails have downloaded. They are from 11 May - Two more days to go !!! and I get about 30 -40 emails a day !

we would appreciate if you send us eM Client logs: go to menu Tools->Settings->Logging and check Network communication. Then simulate the issue, restart eM Client and send us the logs using the same logging settings window.


log sent to you as requested
after i had restarted emclient and forced 3 emails to come through by clicking on send receive