Why does it take 2.5 minutes for the EM Client to open in Windows 10?

Why does it take 2.5 minutes for the EM Client to open in Windows 10?

There are a couple of reasons–

1.  Opening eM Client and it’s database is apparently a very disk intensive process.  The best $100 you will ever spend will be for an SSD to replace your mechanical drive.  Withs an SSD, eM Client will open for me in 3-5 seconds.  To make things worse, most manufacturers are putting 5400 rpm mechanical drives in their consumer laptops, rather than 7200 rpm drives used in higher-end systems.

2.  Even if you wish to stick with your mechanical drive, there are things you can do to speed the process.  It’s best to open eM Client with other disk-intensive processes not running.  That means don’t choose to have eM Client open automatically with Windows and wait until the boot process has completed and disk activity is minimal.

Hope this helps and sorry there is no easy fix.

Not helpful at all. My drives are plenty fast enough as is my system. There has to be a better explanation.

Well, sorry.  I said there was no easy fix.  I have never seen another explanation and I’ve been following this forum quite a long time.

To help narrow down the problem, have the task manager open while opening the client and see if there are any other processes that are using disk and cpu time.

What type of HDD/SSD are you using Richard?

Previously my load time was about the same as Jay’s, but I just upgraded to a better NVMe SSD, and I more than halved the load time. Of course that is not really a solution because not everyone can just swap out their hardware. You would also expect the application to run better on not-so-old hardware but unfortunately that is not the case. There is a connection between slow load times and disk drives.

But 2.5 minutes?

Yeah, I think when I had an HDD, my load time might have been as much as 20- 30 seconds, but 2.5 minutes seems crazy.  But, if you are loading it while the computer is still in it’s post-boot mode, that could make it even worse.

They need to revisit their whole database schema.  Not only does it take long to open versus other clients, I also have to wait for my email bodies to load while its in the middle of a database sync with the hosts.  Sometimes I have to wait a minute or so before I can even read the bodies of the emails that were downloaded…Its definitely not a multi-threaded application.  If I were using it for 1 or 2 emails accounts, it may not be so bad. But I have 7 accounts and when it comes to syncing my office (MS Exchange), it can take 4 minutes to complete the sync, so I go for a cup of tea and a bathroom break and hope that when I come back , I can then read my emails.