Why does it keep showing a '1' in blue but I don't see any unread messages?

Only started happened the past week or so, II’ve just been right clicking and marking all as read which gets rid of it.

I am using IMAP.

You can see any unread messages directly in the “Favourites” folder at the top left of eM Client.

Go to “Menu / Settings / General” (Pc) or “eM Client / Preferences / General” (Mac) and click the box "Show Favourites.

Then Save and close at the top left. You will then see Unread folder appear near the top left.

You can also right click on Favourites to enable or disable other global folder view options once visable.

Thanks, for some reason both were from this forum… why didn’t they just go to inbox?

What folder or label did they go to ?

Hi, I believe the new message might be under one of the Category tabs, if you say it was emails from this forum, it’s probably under the “Forums” or “Updates” tab, not the “Primary” tab.

You can right-click the Inbox Categories to edit which ones you use or turn them off if you don’t want to use them.

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