why does eM client refuse to take my password & e-mail????

it will not let e-mail come in or out.

can you please post here a screenshot of the error message if you are getting any? Are you sure you used correct password?

Are you using GMail? Try your full former email adress for login: *@googlemail.com instead of *@gmail.com

I have a similar problem, but may not be the same…
When I open the program initially, I get the Password and username check box.  I enter my password, but it keeps reappearing as though it hasn’t recognised the password, but if I click on “Cancel”, the eMail client carries on working and I am able still to send and receive emails.
Why is this please and can I stop the password & username check box from appearing in the first place?

Hi Jean,

Yes you can prevent this error message from popping up. This is the most asked question in this forum … strange that it didn’t show up in your search results.

screen shot:

Hi, can you make a screenshot of the popup you’re seeing?

Thank you,