why does deleting email take so long?

Is there an easier way to delete emails rather than selecting each one individually and requesting that it be deleted?  I would love to see an option where you could simply check a box to the left of the emails you wanted to delete, then hit enter and have multiple emails deleted at the same time.  It takes so long now to delete emails that I keep way too many just because I don’t have time to delete them all.  

I use the standard way to select multiple items in Windows…press and hold the CTRL key while selecting/clicking on the emails you want to work with.  Then you can delete all of the selected emails at once.

Adding check boxes might be a useful user interface change, though.

Vincent, thank you, you’re a genius!  That will help a little

I would LOVE to see check boxes.  I have them on my email client on my phone, and it’s so much easier!

Create a new folder and give it a name (e.g. delete); select all emails you want to delete (shift > down arrow or control > down arrow, depending whether the emails are consecutive or separate); move them into the new folder; delete the new folder.

You can use CTRL to select multiple items in your list or hold shift while selecting in order to select a long list of emails (click on the first email and the last while holding shift and all emails in-between will be selected).

Hope this helps,