Why does clicking inbox not take me to the top of the inbox?

When I have a new email it shows that next to “inbox”, but it isn’t visible in my inbox until I click away from my inbox (like the sent folder for example) and then back to the inbox, and when I do, then I must scroll up a ways to get to the top, where my new email is, even if I was at the top of my inbox before clicking away. I feel like this should be easier, and frankly I am getting tired of it.

Is there a solution coming? Am I the only one? I didn’t find anywhere in the FAQ that addressed this, despite hearing similar complaints from coworkers using this same system. 

It is a bit of a chore. The best solution is to click on the Unread Smart Folder, where you will find only the unread messages.

Thanks, I’ll try that and report back. Is then safe to assume that the “unread smart folder” is similarly dumb like the inbox is? Does it also require clicking away and back to actually show the new email in the list?

It seems absolutely crazy that my hopes may be too high for emails in my inbox to simply and automatically be visible in said inbox. Gmail has it figured out, and they don’t bill me for this seemingly simple technology. Not exactly sure what I am paying for here.

A better solution, as a Pro License user, is to open a support ticket with eM Client. They will be able to assist you further.

I sent a test email to my EM Client account, from another account/device. I’m nearly ten minutes in and nothing has appeared in my “smart” unread folder. Crossing my fingers here. 

Thanks Gary. I may do that, although the fact that I am chasing down a way for my emails to actually display in my inbox is something I feel I shouldn’t need to do. I just need it to work, so I can get back to work.

I have tried to open a support ticket, and when I go to Menu>Help>Get Support it brings me to this forum, where I find no option to create a support ticket. This system is a total joke. I picture “open support ticket” is probably in some obscure place rather than the logical location I navigated to? 

If you have a Pro Licence activated in eM Client, clicking on Get Support will take you to the website where you can open a support ticket. If you have a Free License activated, clicking Get Support will bring you here.

And just one note while I am stuck on this problem, the unread folder is not where I want my default page to be, I simply want to stay on my inbox, and have new emails appear in there without forcing a refresh. It’s 2019. Gmail has been doing this for years. For free. This system is paid, and lacking such a basic feature that I cannot believe I am even asking for it.

Add that to the fact that “Get Support” brings me to a forum with no obvious option to ask the company who makes this to help, but rather has their customers help each other out. Isn’t it more the job of EM Client to help their paying customers? We pay for a subscription and the only help available is fellow paying customers? Insane.

Please go to Menu > Help > License and make sure you have a Pro License activated. Then click on the Get Help option. It will take you to the VIP Support page where you can get support directly from eM Client.

If you do not have a Pro License, then in accordance with the license agreement you accepted when installing the application and registering the license, this support forum is your only option.