Why do I have to re-activate my account after running an update?

I use emclient free for my wife and I. I use it on a few computers. After I update I have to reactivate which confuses her and me. I just read a license is for only one computer? Perhaps that explains why both profiles had her name under the license on one machine. So do I need a license per computer? Once I run an update, if I activate one profile, do I have to activate the other, and do I use the same lic? I just thought the license was per “person” which would make a lot more sense to me.

Hello, yes, eM Client has a strict one license per computer policy, please make sure to obtain a valid license for each computer, you’d like to use the application on.


If I use the license correctly on one computer, will I still have to reactivate each update?

No, I believe using the license on multiple computers has caused the issue that requires you to re-activate. eM Client should remain active on a single computer, unless there’s an issue with your connection or in contacting the licensing server.