why do i have to close out and then relaunch the app to get new emails to download

new email does not download unless i close and reopen the app. running windows 10, and have the laterst version of the app, using imap settings

Same problem.  Neither Refresh or scheduled downloads work to receive email.  Have to close the application and reopen to get emails.  Down loaded latest version of eM Client this morning.

I have the same problem.  I am downloading from Charter email, I wonder if that is the problem.

Unfortunately Charter uses an unusual form of IMAP that requires the client to fetch from the server, much like POP3. eM Client uses IDLE IMAP which relies on the server sending notification to the client that new mail is there. So in this case eM Client is waiting for the server to notify there is new mail, and the server is waiting for eM Client to query if there is new mail. It is a standoff. The only time that eM Client will query the server is when the application first starts, so then you will receive your new messages only at that time.

Your best option with Charter is to use POP3.