Why do I get triplicate emails from my gmail account?

Everytime I get a new email to my gmail account, I get 3 copies of it showing up. This never used to happen?

Hi, do you use IMAP or POP3 protocol? Are you receiving these emails from same address or from more than one?



I use POP3.
I have 2 different email addresses synced to EM Client. I only receive triplicates on the gmail address.


No response as yet???

I also CONSTANTLY get Error messages and when I open account settings and diagnose everything tests fine!!!
This is the WORST app ever!
The operations screen pops up every 5 minutes and I keep having to hide it…its driving me crazy and I am uninstalling this app.

Hi Claire,

Explaining how to prevent the error message window from showing up, has been explained in a few other threads.

Here for example:


If you get this error window every 5 minutes, then I assume you have specified that your accounts should be synchronized every 5 minutes.

Can you try to remove your current e-mail account and add it again in eM Client? Sometimes that seems to solve this kind of issues.

Please make a copy of your current data directory of eM Client first (so you will have a backup of your data).

Jan: as you can see, this error message window can give people the wrong impression. As explained before: problems with internet connection are just a fact of life…they should not be treated as ‘exceptions’…and so there should not always an error message window be shown in this case.

Maybe if eM Client is not able to synchronize data for at least 1 hour, you can show a message telling this.