Why do I get loads of alarms / reminders for past events?

I am running eM Client 5 (latest build) against OS X Server (10.8 / server 2.2.2). I have calendar and tasks CalDAV accounts setup. Whenever I start eM Client I get a string of reminders for past events that have already been dismissed / marked as done on my Mac or iOS device. When I try and just close the dialogue, or use Dismiss All, I get a spate of dialogue boxes saying that there is a mismatch between the local event and the server. I have to use ‘Overwrite local’ to clear these. It seems to me this is a mis-behaviour on the part of eM Client. It seems like when it starts up it is not waiting for CalDAV initial sync to complete before deciding what event reminders/alarms to display. As you can imagine this is really very annoying. Can this be fixed? If not could we have a configuration option to always use ‘Overwrite local’ without prompting the user (since the 'server is always correct on my case at least)?


we are working on this issue, unfortunately I can’t provide exact date or when it will be done.

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Thanks, that is good to know. No other client I am using (Apple iCal / Reminders, iOS Calendar / Reminders) exhibits this behaviour so it will be frat to get a solution for eM Client too. I have several Windows users and they find this extremely annoying.


I should be able to provide exact answer tomorrow, but I can’t promise it.