Why do I get 100s of duplicate emails in junk folder?

Every day there is hundreds of duplicate emails.  Why is that happening and/or how do I stop it?

The age-old question: how do I stop spam? In reality, you can’t. But that is what the Junk folder is for. Spam messages are moved either by your server or by eM Client Rules to the Junk folder so that you don’t have to deal with them.

Gary, thanks for replying but you should try to read the questions more carefully.  I’m not trying to STOP SPAM.  I’m asking why do I get 50 or more duplicate emails eg. from Pinnacle Wax or some other vendor I’ve assigned to junk.  If I click on one of the dupes the server seems to process them out one by one.  Very time consuming.  Anyone know why it does that?

Yes, this is an age-old question as I said. For an answer to your question, please contact the sender of the spam and ask them why they are sending you these messages. This probably has nothing to do with your email client, whichever one you use.

However, if you think it is the application, what version are you using? If it is a version 7.x, can you update to the latest release in the Release History, and see if there is any difference.

If it is a beta version (8.x) please also update to the latest and if the problem is still there then send your feedback to testing@emclient.com

Yeah i suspect too one of the senders somewhere along the line is the culprit.

 Once I received miles of duplicated spam and it turned out to be one of my senders had a trojan virus generating spam to all the email address’s so i got them too.  So I sent an email to everyone on my email address list to check for viruses on their pc’s which fixed it for me.

If I go to ATT mail client they aren’t there.  Definite problem with this client.