Why can't i select a message with Right-Click?


I am new to eMClient. Everythings works fine for now, but one thing is really bugging me.
Unlike all other email client i know, when i want to delete a message in my inbox, i right-click on it and i delete it. However, eMClient forces me to left-click and then right-click on it, which is counter-intuitive. I didn’t understand first, so i deleted by mistake some emails. Is there a way to select with right-click (ie Right-click = select + context menu)?

Thank you

I am not encountering the same problem… I can right-click an open message or right-click on an unopened message in the list, click on DELETE or use the delete button in the horizontal menu and the message is deleted.

Unless of course I misinterpreting the problem as described (not unheard of).

eMC v8.1.979
Windows 10

No i think you got it well. But on my side (eMclient 8.1.979 under windows 10), it’s not working. Wherever i Right-Click, it only opens the context menu. It’s not selecting the message where i right-click, it keep the previously selected message. It’s strange that the behavior is different on my computer.

You can’t select a message with right-click. To select a message you need to left-click on the message.

But the context menu is there regardless of what message is selected in the message list. If you right-click and choose Delete on any message, the message is deleted as it is supposed to. It is not necessary to left-click on the message first.